sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

A cautionary tale

Caution!!! don't ever read "The Christmas Sweater" while pregnant! My parents gave me a whole stack of books this summer for my birthday and I am now down to two. I was trying to save the small "easy" read (The Christmas Sweater) for if maybe I had some down time in the hospital (I know, hahaha) or while nursing ;) Now I don't know which is worse, reading this book while pregnant and hormonal or reading it while dealing with postpartum hormones. Don't get me wrong, it is a great book and a very quick read. In fact I probably could have read it in one day (while taking care of E) if I hadn't had to stop for so many tissue breaks. I should have heeded the review on the back that mentioned "Tuesdays with Morey" (a book I have to this day managed to avoid due to its notorious reputation). However, the little red book was calling to me from the shelf and I just decided to go for it. I hope to find a fun magazine to take to the hospital instead, preferably not TV Notas or Telenovelas. Maybe they will have a fun cooking one at the pharmacy.
Apart from my magazine I am almost all set for "D" day!! My bag is packed, bebe's bag is packed, E's bag is almost packed, and bebe's bag for the nurses is packed too!! ;) I learned from having Enrique that if you send the diaper bag to the nurses (at my hospital) they will put EVERY single piece of clothing in it on the baby so I packed a "nurses" bag with one outfit and then I have extra stuff set aside. Now we just have to get my sister in law all set, she is due pretty soon now and still needs to get almost everything. She wanted to take a trip to the other side but I don't see that happening. But that is okay because I have found that anything I need is here in Navojoa (except clothing leaves a lot to be desired but if you REALLY need it it's here). Also, her shower is on the 30th so we can wait and see what kind of stuff she gets ;)

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