miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

My Dad's Favorite Holiday

I was so excited to be here in the US for the fourth of July. When I lived here I didn't really think much of the holiday. Sure, it was exciting because my little brother would get ssssooo excited about shooting off fireworks and my grandma would come over for hotdogs or hamburgers but there were other holidays that I enjoyed way more (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Saint Patty's Day). However, my first year living in Mexico brought about a certain nostalgia for the Fourth that I cannot quite explain. It is not as if I have become super patriotic, I love my country don't get me wrong, but I cannot recite the Federalist Papers or the Monroe Doctrine for you. I think it is just nostalgia for good times together with family, it just so happens that it is a red white and blue themed day ;)
As it turns out the Fourth of July happens to be my Dad's favorite holiday, something I learned on this trip. I never would have guessed that. But now that I know I can clearly picture him a little boy in the late 50's in jeans and a striped t-shirt at a block party eating hot dogs off the grill, drinking coke from a bottle, having homemade ice cream and watching fireworks (something akin to the 4th of July scene in the Sandlot).
This year was very exciting for me as I got to see Enrique's reaction to fireworks which was very much like my brothers. There was some plugging of the ears but a general feeling of awe and wonder. And he went next door to my neighbor's house and had smores which he really liked. It was a really great day!