jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

And baby makes four!

Bebe #2 was born on November 7th, 3kilos and I always forget how many cm ;( horrible I know. Labor was quick and uneventful and I was able to make it to 8cm without the epidural but when it was offered at that point I accepted very happily. I think everything went pretty quickly, it all started around 5am and he was born at 12pm so all in all I was very pleased. The Dr. even said I could go home that evening if I wanted to but we decided that spending the night wouldn't hurt. E was very pleased with his little brother especially since the baby brought him Toy Story 3 ;) My Mom couldn't come see us until the next week so we were on our own for 7 days which I was kind of nervous about. However, that first week went by smoothly with lots of help from Jose's relatives and the baby and I were doing fine. When my Mom got here was when everything started to fall apart. The baby cried a lot, I mean more than normal and hardly ever slept and I was having severe pain in my breasts which I thought was normal for breastfeeding. I was reading everywhere that breastfeeding should NEVER hurt but I thought that I was just adjusting or something. Now,I had fought pretty hard to keep formula away from the baby the one thing that was going for me was the pediatrician was on my side but nurses no, certain family members on Jose's side no, so I was not just going to give up. After a frenzied phone call to my Mom's best friend (who is a nurse) we went to my Dr. and he said it was mastitis (just like Mrs. A had said). So off to the pharmacy for antibiotics. Well the pain lasted for a good 2 more weeks and I felt like the baby was just not growing. Mom helped me stick to it and I am sure she now has a stress ulcer but if she had not been here I would have given up for sure. At bebe's 1 month check up he had only grown a few grams which is not good so we had to start supplementing with formula. I was heartbroken that I could not feed my baby and I had let him go hungry. So after mourning the loss of the idea of being the perfect mom I got over myself and decided that it is okay. It is okay for him to have a few bottles a day, it is okay for the dishes to sit in the sink, it is okay for the floor not to be sparkly, it's okay for Fanny to iron Jose's shirts instead of me, it is all okay as long as my two boys are happy and healthy, we can throw in the third boy for good measure ;)