domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Birria, lavanderia, and breaking in to my mother-in-law's house ;)

This morning I decided that it is my day off from making breakfast and told Jose that he should have birria (goat and sheep tacos, here in Sonora they get mixed together sometimes). He was very excited because I don't like birria so he doesn't go that often. We went to his mom's house to pick her up because she is also a fan of the goat/sheep tacos. We arrived at the restaurant/taco stand at 8:45 and it was already 103ish degrees!! "It's ok", says Jose, "they have fans inside". Well, we get inside and none of the fans are on because... da da da daaaaaa get ready for it... the power went out! Of course! Oh well, we will just have to deal with the heat. Jose orders a taco en caldo and a gordita, his mom the same, and Enrique got a plain taco. Jose's food is basically a soup with some shredded meat in it accompanied by handmade tortillas and a fried tortilla with chicharron drippings and more meat. I was really craving pancakes and sausage, to each his own breakfast ;) Everybody ate in peace and sweat and then we headed to Jose's office to drop him off for some meeting. Right next door is a lavanderia where I have been asking Jose for a couple days now to drop off Enrique's old crib set (bumper, sheets, blankie, comforter, diaper holder, and skirt). He keeps forgetting (yeah right ;)) So I run in and drop that off and then we head over to my mother-in-law's house. She forgot her keys but that's ok because my sister-in-law is inside (or so we think). We knocked, rang the door bell, called the house, called her cell phone and nothing so we decide that she has gone somewhere. In what I am not sure because the car is there, it is about 5 degrees hotter than it was an hour ago, and she is 8 months pregnant so I am thinking that she is not cruising around town on foot. The guy that owns the store next door comes out and starts asking if we have been locked out. Yep, that seems to be the case, so he offers a piece of cardboard and I am wondering what magyver device is going to be made to open the door. Sure enough my mother-in-law starts fiddling with the lock and cardboard and pops the door open via the window. I was super glad because it was getting really hot but I was also wondering how many passersby saw how to open her door (she lives on a main street). Oh, and it turns out my sister-in-law AND her husband were there! I am still not sure how they did not hear the phone. Oh well, it made for an exciting Sunday morning.

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