sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011


This morning while Miguel ate his plumbs and oatmeal and I had coffee I watched a short piece on Breakfast. It was formally titled "Breakfast Special" and it was done by PBS (which I LOVE). It showed us five or six different breakfast joints around the US and talked to the owners, diners, employes, and even some dogs ;). It was an interesting program which showed that people feel basically the same about breakfast and going out for breakfast. It is the beginning or in some cases the end of a person's day, people are very particular and even passionate about their breakfast, and there is a sense of community in going out for breakfast. At the end of the program the narrator asked everyone what their favorite breakfast ever was and where they had it and that got me thinking. Now, I LOVE breakfast I think it is my favorite meal of the day. However, I don't really like to make it and I don't like it much here in Mexico. I am used to American style breakfast and when I got here I was given shrimp, birria, or tacos. Don't get me wrong I love all of those things, well not really the birria ;) but I was not used to having them in the morning. I like pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, waffles, biscuits with gravy, etc. (not all at once mind you). So I started thinking about what my one favorite breakfast had been and where.
This was hard because I have been to many restaurants and worked in a very well known breakfast joint in Long Beach. But I didn't have to think very long before I remembered a breakfast at Patrick's Point one morning when my parents had taken us camping. My Dad got his dutch oven out and fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, onion, and added eggs. It was heaven. When we camped we usually had cereal for breakfast with powdered milk ;) (good but not delicious) But I think this was our last morning and my Dad was cleaning out the ice chest. Come to think of it I am sure there was cheese involved and I don't like cheese but I just loved that concoction that Dad made. I remember everything about that morning, the sunlight, where the tent was, the blackberries, but what is really present in my mind is the tanginess of the tomatoes. I can still taste them. It was much more than just breakfast.

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  1. Breakfast...it was the one thing I missed the most my first 3 years in Mexico. We lived with my in-law's and my suegra always made beans for breakfast. Sometimes we'd have chilito de chicharron or eggs and chorizo (which I love), but I really wanted American style breakfasts. My Hubby and I both agree that life would be perfect if we had a Denny's here. :) LOL

  2. I now enjoy going out for machaca and eggs if we are going out for breakfast but I rarely eat it at home. Jose on the other hand eats that kind of thing every morning. I do make waffles for Enrique but I still miss the sausage and all the other fun stuff that comes with going out for breakfast on the other side ;) We don't have chilito de chicharron here so I am not familiar with that but it does not sound like pancakes that's for sure ;) It's funny how you get used to things, a few years ago I would have never dreamed of having beans for breakfast and now I don't bat an eye at that. I would still be ssssuuupeer excited if I found a Denny's here ;)
    Feliz Dia de las Madres Leslie!!