jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

So much has happened that...

So much has happened in the three months since my last entry that I am going to just jump in with a random post and hopefully later go back to what we did all summer. I will say that we had a lovely visit with my parents in the US and that M.R. is growing so fast I can't believe it.
School started on Monday so off E went in his cute uniform to his new school. He is in secundo de kinder which in the US is still preschool I think. He cried most of the first day and wanted to know when Milo his friend from his old preschool was going to get there. I had to explain that I am not sure where Milo was going to school this year and I think I just confused him. I feel pretty good about this new school, the ladies in the office were so nice and much more helpful than at his previous school.
With all my free time insert sarcastic laugh here, I have been checking out lots of mexpat blogs and they are all so interesting and addicting. Sometimes I feel very alone here but reading for example, about Leslie Limon sweeping and then double mopping with fabuloso and then all the comments on the post lets me know that there are many people dealing with the same stuff that I am. M.R. keeps me very busy when he goes down for a short nap (occasionally) I love to read as many posts as I can and watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey (that is my embarrassing guilty pleasure). So keep writing everyone, I know that we are all busy but you never know who you are going to touch with an entry.

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  2. Used to live in Alamos. Love your blog. So sorry to see you haven't written in a while...